Property As An SMSF Investment

Those who know me well know that I am a great fan of DHA properties  as an investment because of the security of income and peace of mind that they provide. However others prefer properties closer to the CBD, and now we have an affiliation with a company that is able to recommend near City […]

Goodbye Norma(l) Jean!

This week Jean Shortis retired after 32 years at SVS Management!  Trained as a primary school teacher, Jean gave up work to be a full time mum when her first son (Adam) was born, but was enticed back into the work force to help one of the firm’s clients who had an urgent need for […]

NAB Renounceable Share Issue

NAB needs to raise funds to enable them to exit the investment they made in the Clydesdale Bank in the UK.  The main reason is to be able to provide some security in case the deal goes pear shaped.  The regulatory authority needs to be sure that there is sufficient funds available to clean up […]

BHP Demerger: Second Thoughts

When I first read of the proposed BHP demerger and the creation of a new company, South32, my first thoughts about it were negative:  why should this be any more successful that the two previous demergers, BHP Gold and BHP Steel?  However, on reading the reports of two analysts that I respect, my attitude has […]

BHP Demerger: What Does It mean to you?

If you have shares in BHP, no doubt you (or your advisor) will have received a copy of the massive document (191 pages) that BHP has sent to all shareholders extolling the virtue of a hiving off  part of the company into a new, WA based company , South32.   The new company will takeover […]

RIO: So Far, so Good!

As the RIO buy back has now closed, we are able to find out the Trade Weighted Price of the shares to which the final discount will by applied.  This amount was $56.3169, so if – as we predict – the 14% discount will be the final price, it means that RIO will buy the […]

RIO Buy-Back: Is it worthwhile

The Rio Tinto Limited Off-market buy-back tender booklet has been distributed, and many of our clients are now asking “Is the Buy-Back good for me?”  The answer -as always – is it depends! RIO like BHP and Telstra have surplus funds (and franking credits) that they are keen to return to their shareholders in the most […]