Property as part of your SMSF

In our last couple of blogs we have looked at the sectors of shares and cash in your SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) and in this blog we look at direct property as a component of your Fund.  The “chunky” nature of property means that a considerable outlay needs to be made to purchase it […]

SMSF’s – Why Core Trading?

In our last blog we talked about why we used the Cash Management Account that we did, and the many benefits that flowed through to the majority of clients who used this account as part of their overall management of their SMSF.  In this blog, we want to explain why we strongly recommend using Core […]

Why Macquarie CMA?A high at-call

Happy New Year! We hope to do our part to make it a successful and prosperous year for all our clients. Since our return on Monday, I have been busy emailing our clients to gently remind them to invest excess funds that may have built up over the Xmas-New Year period.  Keeping track of bank […]

Staff Changes at SVS Management Group in 2015

Staff Changes at SVS Management Group in 2015 A number of changes of staff are happening at SVS Management Group in 2015:  Leanne Lucas is retiring from the company and will no longer be doing any tax work.  She will continue to audit some of the many, many Self Managed Superannuation Funds that the company does […]

Should I wind up my SMSF?

One of the most difficult questions to answer is:  Should I wind up my SMSF?  With very few exceptions, this question only arises when the balance of the fund drops so low that the fees paid are not economic, and there is little or no likelihood of rebuilding the balance.  For most people, a SMSF […]

Medibank Private Share Offer – What Next?

Hopefully by now all of you will have received an email/letter advising you: 1.As an Eligible Policyholder who has registered you will receive up to 30% more shares than the general public, or; 2.As a member of the general public who has pre-registered you will receive up to 15% more shares than other members of the […]