Goodbye Norma(l) Jean!

This week Jean Shortis retired after 32 years at SVS Management!  Trained as a primary school teacher, Jean gave up work to be a full time mum when her first son (Adam) was born, but was enticed back into the work force to help one of the firm’s clients who had an urgent need for an accounts clerk.  This job lasted 2-3 years, and Jean enjoyed it, so when she was offered a job with SVS (which was still in its early days), she took it on to help out the “boss”!  Over the next 32 years she became the backbone of the business as it built from its humble beginnings to a staff of 19 when the new partners (Troy, Julie and Debbie) took over.

Jean was responsible for the culture of the business and installed in all of the many staff over the 32 years, the need to care for our clients and treat them with dignity but – most of all – to create a “fun” place to work that made life enjoyable for all.  To her this was “normal”, and I often think that I erred by naming the business SVS instead of SJS as she was such an integral part of the success of the business.

We will still see her around often as she will be in to keep a eye on the “mess” I am making, and is already returning next week to assist the business whilst her replacements take leave!

Enjoy a well-earned retirement, Jean.

You deserve it!


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