Medibank Private Share Offer – What Next?

Hopefully by now all of you will have received an email/letter advising you:

1.As an Eligible Policyholder who has registered you will receive up to 30% more shares than the general public, or;

2.As a member of the general public who has pre-registered you will receive up to 15% more shares than other members of the general public who didn’t pre-register.

You would have also received a copy of the Medibank Private Share Offer Prospectus to read.

However, as the offer is  not open (until after approval by ASIC – expected to be 28th October) you will not have received an application form and therefore cannot register for shares, as the final share price is not yet known.

You should make sure that you understand the prospectus and – as soon as you receive the email telling you the offer is now open – apply for as many shares as you can reasonably afford.

If you have not received an email or prospectus, please contact Sue as we have pre-registered on behalf of a number of our clients and therefore may have the email for you.

Any questions?



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