Property As An SMSF Investment

Those who know me well know that I am a great fan of DHA properties  as an investment because of the security of income and peace of mind that they provide.

However others prefer properties closer to the CBD, and now we have an affiliation with a company that is able to recommend near City apartments to our clients.

I still have some concerns that apartments/units do not achieve the capital growth that house and land does, but these concerns are alleviated to some extent by knowing that the units are high quality and low rise.  They are also well researched, and are only available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They are built by a pool of well credentialed developers and – because of the market power of our affiate – represent good value, often with periods of guaranteed rental income.

Should you be interested in this type of investment, Cliff and I are taking some of your clients to a presentation at Crown later in July.

If you are interested in coming as our guest, please speak to us and we will arrange for you to be added to the guest list.




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